Surf Reports

National Weather Service
Fairly accurate weather and surf forecasts, but hard to read.

Pacific Waverider
Usually gives overly optimistic forecasts. Cool photos and videos updated daily. Look out for annoying popups.

Sunset Surf
Has the only surf cam and report for this break. Convenient extended forecast, and tips for surfing this point break.

A neat feature of Surfline is that it describes each break you're viewing with their surf cams. Look to the mid left of the page (when one of their surf cams is loaded; i.e. Malibu) and you'll see a tab that says something like "travel to this break". Click on that and it gives a little history about the place, location, and details about conditions.

Ventura County Star
One link that is invaluable to me is the ventura point surf cam. From the main page, you can click on the surf cam link (bottom left of page) & see C-street. You can zoom in and readjusts the spot you're focusing on.

Wet Sand
Sign up for free e-mail surf reports and forecasts. Great for letting you know when the swells are coming, sunrise and sunset times, as well as tide charts for your area.











Beach Shorts Film Fest
Make a short film, have fun, win prizes, share aloha!!

Confessions of a Novice Surfer
Brett (Whiffleboy) has a blog. Check it out.

Great Lakes Surf
The name says it all.

Everything you ever wanted to know about surfing at El Porto and more.

Surflife for Women
Interesting articles, and updates on what female pro surfers are up to.

Wanna Surf
One site I find real helpful, especially when I travel.

The Weather Channel
Gives you hourly updates on weather conditions wind.