This site was made possible by the generous contributions of the following amazing people:

Chris- Your helping me with javascript in another site was an enormous help to me in this site. Without that this site wouldn't function.

Con- The great links you turned me on to, and your willingness to always help out a friend.

Heather- One of the most knowledgeable surfers I know. Thanks for sharing all your insightful knowledge.

Heike- For being pissed along with me that dedicated people with day jobs get overlooked. You know what I mean. Being pissed off can be a great motivator. :-D

James- Great advice, suggestions and always putting up with my endless dolphin sightings.

Ken- For your constant interest in the site, and brainstorming some unique and fun ideas.

Nadia- For putting up with my zillions of questions, and always giving me just the right info I needed in building this thing.