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Name: Sunset Beach
Location: By Gladstones on PCH
Surfing Level: Beginner to intermediate
Best Conditions: SW hurricane or ground swell
Notes: Can be sectiony & not as good of shape as Malibu, but still can provide really fun rides in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

Name: Rincon (right point Break)
Location: Bates Road exit off 101, approx. 10 miles north of Ventura.
Surfing Level: Beginner when it's 1 ft.; advanced when it's pumping; long, fun, & shortboards.
Best Conditions: NW winter swells can make it barrel fast.
Notes: Can be crowded and dangerous when swell hits.

Name: C-street (right point break)
Location: California Street exit off 101 in Ventura.
Surfing Level: Beginner to advanced will enjoy themselves here.
Best Conditions: NW winter swells can be head high. Slow summer periods are still fun here with long rolling lines, mostly longboarders; shortboarders farther up the point.
Notes: Positive vibe where proper surf etiquette is practiced. Get there before the afternoon winds kick up. (back to top ^)

Name: County Line
Location: Where Malibu meets Ventura; across from Neptune's Net.
Surfing Level: Beginner to advanced
Best Conditions: NW swell, something is happening here when everywhere else is flat.
Notes: Lots of different take off spots allows for long & shortboarders to share the field. Tends to dump hard into the sand at high tide.

Name: Leo Carillo
Location: 2 miles south of County Line on PCH
Surfing Level: Intermediate
Best Conditions: A little less action here than county line, but takes a NW. Get there before the afternoon winds kick up.
Notes: Limited take off zone by the big rock makes a few folks out feel like it's crowded. seaweed will stop you dead in your tracks. Long & short boards present.

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Name: Huntington Beach
Location: Huntington Beach, right by the pier
Surfing Level: Beginner to advanced
Best Conditions: NW swell
Notes: Breaks anytime no matter what. If a beginner, this place offers great white water to learn how to stand up in. Surf near a lifeguard stand & don't go too far out because of potential rip currents. Don't get too close to the pier either. Advanced shortboarders surf farther out & can even shoot the pier on a good day!

Name: "Mondos" aka Faria Beach
Location: Ventura, CA. Take 101 north about 60 miles from LA until your in Ventura. You'll pass the exit for California Street and the next sign says State Beaches 1/4 mile. Exit at State Beaches & take the little coast road along the water until you see a right point lined with houses and a 100 yard stretch of white sand. Park across the street next to Railroad tracks. This is just past the sign for Faria Beach. Welcome to Mondos!
Surfing Level: Beginner
Notes: The waves are very small and gentle. Perfect for being pushed into. Water level is generally pretty low, you can wade out VERY far and still be in waste high water. Be sure to bring your longboard or you won't catch a thing.

Name: Malibu
Location: Malibu state beach & pier on PCH
Surfing Level: Intermediate to advanced
Best Conditions: SW hurricane or ground swell
Notes: Crowded, localism, longboards at first point, shortboards at second & third points. Not a good idea to intermingle the two. Resist the urge to drop in. Accept the fact people will drop in on you. You can get the longest, best rides of your life here. Don't try to give a newbie a lesson here please. Beginners shouldn't go out if there is a swell here. Can be very crowded and dangerous.

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