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This unique take on the life of the traveling surfer combines high-performance surfing by some of the world’s best surfers with stunning cinematography. More than just an action-packed surf movie, “Under the Radar” digs deep into what accompanies the countless barrels by revealing the cultures, colors and customs behind the great waves.

Features Mikala Jones, Jamie O’brien and Josh Mulcoy.

By: Pete Matthews

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by Pistola Pete

This film is fresh. You probably saw Bali in the last film you watched. You may have visited Mentawai, but not like this. You also may have been to Durban and surfed, but I'll bet you never saw the wave park like this.

The fresh part about this film is that not only are you going to surf the world with these incredible surfers, in 'Under The Radar' you get a good mix of culture between the killer combination of free surfs and contest shots. It is one of the more sophisticated journalistic surf movies. Kind of like Surfers Journal meets National Geographic. You'll see the people, share the places and the waves.

The J-Bay contest must have been awesome because the footage is. Andy ripped the J-Bay wave, then Parko gracefully schreds his way across, then Sean Holmes iron mans his way across and then this beauty of a shot titled Slater plays. Well then there's Taj doing what looked to me like a Tom Curren impression culminating with the apprearant winner Mick Fanning, who shows you how well he has it wired.

The combo of bio segments, Mentawai, Bol ripping, Padang, Bali and Jamie O make this movie pretty sick. Once again I get the idea that Bali is an awesome place with good waves and positive vibrations giving surfers yet another reason to be stoked.

Once again the Pete Matthews team has produced a well shot, well edited and musically well garnished film for all to enjoy.





























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