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Pete Frieden has been nomadically traveling the surfing globe in search of exclusive sessions with the world’s best surfers. Even though many other photographers are also in the hunt, year after year Pete successfully finds himself at the right place at the right time. Something he calls “THE GAME!"

FEATURING: * Shane Dorian's "WAVE OF HIS LIFE" at Teahupoo. * The New Sydney Slab wave "Hours" with Koby Abberton * Dane Reynolds at Home * Exclusive Cory Lopez on the Gold Coast * Andy, Bruce, Taj, Mick and Joel going nuts in France, Hawaii and Tahiti.

By: Pete Frieden

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by Pistola Pete

Let Pete Frieden and the folks at seven-films kick your summer off with a film 
called "the Game." Watching this film is a great and inexpensive way to surf your way 
around the world with every pro and big named surfer in the industry. 

Good shots of surfers schredding open up this video to get your stoke pumping. To ask
'who is in this film?' is not the question. The real question is 'who isn't in this movie?' If 
you've seen any of the surfers featured in the mags on the racks today, they are in this 
movie. AI freesurfing, Cory having fun, Dane Renoylds showing style riding killer green 
walls, smoking Jamie O., Tamayo killing Pipe, Parko ripping, etc.

There is a section where you'll see every hot Aussie young gun whip and ride this Australian 
Back Door type of slab. You will trip to Hawaii, France and South Africa to see good footage 
set to a relentless high energy soundtrack. Then when you get to Tahiti and are introduced 
to Teahupo'o it gets gnarly. It'll make you squirm. Whatever Dorian was on that day, I want 
some. This stuff is ridiculous, and when the movie ends the good footage continues with an 
awesome wipeout sequence.

Stoke yourself- see 'the Game'





























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