The Division-Simple Math (2006) Viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax




Witness the cutting edge of freestyle surfing with the sport’s innovative superstars, including Zach Rhinehart, Eric McHenry, Gavin Sutherland and Bill “Beaker” Bryan. A must-have for aerial fanatics and skate-inspired surfers everywhere!

By: Jeff Simonson

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by Pistola Pete

My step dad used to say that 2+2= 5, and once you mastered that concept the rest of the world was your oyster.  Well I got fired from my construction job for wasting wood, but I have all kinds of free time to watch "The Division Crew" go off. 

Appearantly Derek Bokelman mastered this concept of thinking outside the box as he skates waves like some kind of freak. The boys of the Division Crew (Bill Bryan, Gavin Sutherland, Zach Rhinehart , Jeremy Sommerville, Eric McHenry and Sean Murphy) all are displaying this kind of skill. This isn't your run of the mill surf movie featuring all the usual characters surfing all the same spots. For example, there's no Indo in this movie. There's no bad songs on the sound track either. You will get another stamp on your virtual surf passport from Zambia though.

THE DIVISION adds another element I found interesting. How many surf movies can say they are like watching a Rick Griffin drawing come alive? Seriously, these featured surfers are doing skatepark tricks on fun uncrowded waves and draw lines through space only aliens could see until now. 

Do the math and it sums up like this. Add 'THE DIVISION-Simple Math' to your movie portfolio, view it with your un-divided attention, and multiply your odds at landing a cover shot.

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