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ShowDown Productions Presents "SUPERBANK: The Surf Movie", filmed entirely on the Gold Coast of Australia! Free surfing sessions from Kelly, Wardo and the American crew. Highlights from the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper and Duranbah. Bruce Irons segment. Ozzie stars like Joel Parkinson and Dean Morrison ripping the Superbank! Bobby Martinez goes off in his WCT Premiere and Kelly Slater takes down Taj in the finals.

By: Josh Shedden & Brian Townsend.  Edited By Taylor Rambo.




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by Pistola Pete

Cooking is like editing. If you throw some pro surfers on some good waves, add a couple of Foster's, some colored jerseys, a few bits of bikinis, and bake at about 90 degrees fahrenheit, you'd get a superbank. That is exactly what Showdown Productions has done and it's tasty.

I know some of you are all irie and are gonna go buy this because you thought i said superbake, and you won't be disappointed. The layback cutback snaps these guys do are extreme. As i watched this video I felt like these guys were expressing visually how I feel when I am in the water in my minds eye, the fun, the freedom, interaction, carving, enjoyment, satisfaction.

You'll see why people say Parko rips. Maybe it's the vegamite mate, but this grom grew up to surf explosively. Adrian Buchan also has a sick segment. There is a section proving that seppos can surf, but there's something funny about the way they dance.

The tunes are groovy, Bobby Martinez goes well against Kelly, Taj rips his way through to the finals, and the rest is history.

The Bonus 1 and Bonus 2 shouldn't be missed, and same for the trailers.

You'll be happy to add this DVD to your collection, especially you surf camp owners.


























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