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The Indonesian island of Bali is a dream locale which consistently draws traveling surfers from all corners of the globe. Throughout the last 5 years, videographer Pete Matthews has been documenting the epic waves and diverse landscape that grace this special Indian Ocean isle. Matthews has captured the world's best surfers along with the lifestyle and essence of four locals who appear more than ready for the world stage. The Godfather of Bali surfing Rizal Tanjung has carved himself a niche in the surf world and leads the way for his best friends Wayan "Betet" Merta, Made "Bol" Adi Putra, and Pepen Hendrix.

By: Andrew Kopjak, Pete Matthews

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by Pistola Pete

If you've ever flown over Bali you know what i am talking about, but from the air this place looks amazing. Having never been, the intro to 'SHADES OF BALI' gave me some insight.

Right away the vibe of this flick is soothing, calming my Los Angeleno agitated nerves with some Balinese cool culture shakra. It was only noon on a friday, but the vibe made me feel like i was on vacation and should crack a coldie to help sooth the butterflies of my anticipated tour of Bali. By the way Rizal and Jamie O. speak of this place i begin to ask myself, 'self is Bali the ultimate surf mecca'?

First stop Padang. This place has made me say to myself on numerous occasions, 'self, padang padang is a dang awesome wave', and i always agree. The footage of these sick barrels, being cored by conquering
surfers is pure smile forming. Then we get more positive vibrations from the local ripper hui, Rizal, Peppen,
Betet, and Bol. Appearantly it breaks unreal all the time here, and you can film awesome waves from shore as this film is visual proof. It is enough of an attraction that Rip Curl has held a contest at Padang.

The word on every lip is "perfect", and i mean every lip, Mikala, Jamie, Taj, Rasta, and at the end it's Pete Matthews saying "some of the best waves in the world are in Bali".

This movie is enchanting, contains good footage, good array of quality surfers, good bonus feature, and answers the mecca question with a solid "my sources say yes".

Be at one with SHADES OF BALI.


























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