Puerto Underground 3 (1998) Viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax




Con Huevos is a barrage of wipeouts, fights, drunks, chicks, drunk chicks, G-strings, broken boards, broken bones, crocodiles, sailfish, big days, small days, bloody cuts, cutbacks, bottom turns and tube rides, all recorded over the last two years along the festering shores of Puerto Escondido. Sit through the whole thing and you'll see the Puerto in every possible mood, from fun and playful to 15-foot-plus and dredging. There are some incredible waves on this video, and some remarkable attempts by surfers known and unknown, skilled and stupid. The latest release from our man in Mexico, Dave Ogle. Check out top professional and amateur surfers at the Mexican Pipeline.Take a look at the heaviest beach break on the planet, and the surfers who have (or thought they had the huevos to challenge it. Experience the waves with the riders through helmet and board cam perspectives.

Music by: Buck O Nine, Common Sense, Pennywise, Schleprock, Horny Toad, King Chango, Monsta Zero, Sensefield, Tosters

Starring: Perry Farrell, Cory Lopez, Jay Adams, Shane Beschen, Christian Fletcher, Strider Wasilewski

By: David Ogle

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by Pistola Pete

if you want to see a flick that makes you hoot, while your throwing back coldies the night before you're leaving on a surf trip with your buddies, heed this warning - WATCH THIS MOVIE! coming highly recommended from the guys at ZJ's i bit and was pleasantly surprised. this movie has good waves, good wipeouts, good music, more good waves, and then some other good waves shots. really the only thing missing from this video is pollution. it will make you hoot.


























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