North Shore (1987) Viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax

The adventure of a lifetime begins when an 18- year-old surfing shampion from Arizona tries to fulfill his ulitmate dream of riding the awesome waves of Hawaii's ledgendary North Shore. Naive "mainlander" Rick Kane travels to the treacheous coastline of Oahu where he soon learns the harsh realities of the life on the beach in which a run-in with the local hotdogger or a bad ride on a mean wave can spell disaster.

Starring: Matt Alder, Nia Peeples, John Philbin, Gerry Lopez, Gregory Harrison.
Directed by: William Phelps

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by Salmonella Jones
It's hard to decide whether this is the worst surf movie ever made, or the best. I think it's both. On the one hand, you've got the totally ridiculous plot - Arizona surf champ (don't ask) sets off for the north shore seeking fame & fortune, and ends up learning the true meaning of soul surfing (and getting the girl - of course). You've got corny dialogue, hideous 80's fashions, and music bad enough to make your ears bleed. But for some reason, this movie doesn't suck nearly as badly as it should. In fact, it's oddly endearing. Okay, I admit it: I love this movie. Maybe it's because you get the feeling that it was made by people who genuinely love surfing - they even managed to find actors that could actually surf, instead of plopping some Hollywood hodads in front of a blue screen. There are also a ton of cameos by surf stars (Occy talks funny), and the surf footage ain't too shabby. While lots of the dialogue is corny, it's good-corny. The silliest lines become hilarious the more you repeat them ("scrub it, kook!") Plus, how can you hate a movie where Gerry Lopez and Laird Hamilton play the heavies?
Go ahead - go shred!


by Heather
This movie made every inland child of the 80's want to be a surfer.  Now that I finally am one, I realize the complete impossibility of an Arizona pool surfer winning Pipe after two months of lessons.  I mean, the guy didn't even know how to duck dive.  But despite all that, this flick really has a place in my heart, right next to my old all-star hightops & checkered Op hat with neck flaps.





















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