Morning of the Earth (1972) Viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax


A film by Albert Falzon. Released in 1972. This film reveals a fantasy of three exotic lands. Bali, Hawaii and Australia, where surfers made their own houses, surfboards and lived in harmony with nature. "Getting back to where it all began when life was simple, no rip-off people and it was fun". With an original 70's soundtrack to stir the soul, Morning Of The Earth is a milestone in surf movies and forever a part of surfing history".

Starring: Nat Young, Terry Fitzgerald, Gerry Lopez, Stephen Cooney, David Treloar and Micheal Peterson
Directed by: Albert Falzon

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by Pistole Pete

  this movie is one of those things that revelas its age. it was made in 1972 and laced with 1972 ism's, like the short boardies, lack of leashes,
the hair, and the hairbrained idea that surfers need to be reminded when we're stoked.
   this director guy albert flazon introduces himself in the beginning and has a good idea about doing a surf culture film. then he introduces this spyro-gyro on screen "meant to be an adrenaline burst" piece of blue dot right in the middle of these great old big wave sequences and just ruins the shots. i don't know maybe other's will feel differently when viewing this film, but i found the adrenal reminders to be annoying and destracting.   
   there are some great old wave shots of vintage gerry lopez, nat young, michael peterson, and stephen cooney freesurfing and enlightening thier own souls. the old styles of attacking waves are evident in this nostalgic piece, and even though it's not the raddest film ever made, it is worth the viewing time spent with loved ones.
  runs aprox. 80 mins.
























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