Litmus (1996) Viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax

A surfing odyssey by The Val Dusty Experiment, Litmus is one of the most fascinating and though provoking surf films you will ever see.
Filmed in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and Hawaii, Litmus features surfing legends such as Wayne Lynch, Tom Curren, Dereck Hynd and Miki Dora.

Starring: Wayne Lynch, Derek Hynd, Joel Fitzgerald, Micki Dora, Mark Occhilupo, Tom Curren, Darrl 'Boogs' VanDePolder, and Dream.

A Film By: The Val Dusty Experiment.

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by Pistola Pete

  there's alot of things different from the 70's and surf culture is one of them. but when you watch derek hynd rip back in the day you are like "wow, that dude has a spine of rubber". he is so fluid and natural. he is so in tune with the board, and water, and his pulse is probably barely beating. this guy is one with the water.
   joel fitzgerald is another one of those guys who you watch footage of and go, "whoa, he's ripping pipe-like back then, scredder". this surf footage is mixed with amusing and ancient creativities, but when they get back to the surf footage, you are hootin' brah.
   there is footage of dora, young occy, curren and others.
   give this little diddy a view and feel satisfied that these guys figured out how to surf in conditions that we would run from, got spots wired so we could understand them better, and set the pace and standard for surfers, so we could try to keep up. 
   the music is good vintage and the ending is wierd, so drink up, and enjoy.






















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