Heart (2003) Average viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax

The surf journey of pro long and short boarders as they investigate the long board vs short board debate, the incredible cameraderie of women's surfing and the cultural viewpoints of the Australian coast.

Starring: Kassia Meador, Keliana Woosley, Prue Jeffries, Melissa Combo. With: Sophia Mulanovich, Chelsea Georgesen, Dara Penfold, Linda Fisher, Jodie Barsby, Samantha Cornish, and Kim Woolridge.

A film by: Andy Danvu and Kassia Meador

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by Jenn

I enjoyed watching Heart...Thought you guys did a great job.....I give it a Solid 5!!!!


by Carolyn

Heart is a low-budget surf film,which premiered at Laemmle Monica Theatres in Santa Monica, CA, summer '03. The premiere was attended by stars Kassia Meador, Prue Jeffries, filmmaker Andy Danvu, and a bunch of surfer chicks and dudes. It was a fun event to raise money for breast cancer research, so the 9 bucks was well worth the price of admission. This premiere was two-fold. There was the movie, which we'll get to in a second, and a raffle afterwards, with the grand prize being two short boards, which we will definetely get to in another second.

In a nutshell, the film was awesome on a surfing level. Those women, long board and short, could rip! On a production level, it was well intentioned, and had some nice footage, but ultimately it had the look of being edited on someone's home computer. Overall, it was an enjoyable flick.

Now to the raffle...I'm all for the money going to a good cause. Rock on! But I have to think that this was Andy Dangvu's and Kassia Meador's first attempt at calling a raffle. Someone forgot to tell them that it's customary, and fair play to shake the box of tickets before hand. I don't mean to come off as a sore loser, but when 2 people win 3 times each out of crowd of about 70 people, and you buy 10 tickets between you and your friends, and all the winning numbers are clearly from the end of the ticket roll number sequence, somethin ain't right. That's o.k. I didn't want those short boards, or cool backpacks, or fun little prizes anyway. ;-D






















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