The Endless Summer II (1994) Viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax

Paddle out and catch the perfect wave with champion surfers Robert "Wingnut" Weaver and Pat O'Connell on the most incredible journey ever taken. From the bone-crushing 15-foot Waimea to the treacherous depths of Shark's Bay in Australia, you'll feel the spray, the speed and all the spills in this breathtakiing adventure. Party with the local girls in Costa Rica, survive a lion attack in South Africa and chill out in the icy surf of Alaska as the thirty year-old phenomenon of The Endless Summer continues.

Starring: Robert Weaver, Pat O'Connell, Robert August.
A film by: Bruce Brown

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by Heather
This film has some of the most beautiful & stunning surf photography ever captured at the time of its release in '94.  The waves are visual poetry in motion.  And much like the original, this sequel is also blessed with Bruce Brown's campy yet original tongue in cheek narration.






















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