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Local cameramen Eric W. Nelson and Curt Myers have reached a new level of surf-stoke with their latest movie, Down the Line, an inside look at the epic surf that rocked Hawaii, Nor-Cal and other locations last winter. The journey starts at Peahi, the fearsome break on Maui, documenting surfers riding 60-foot waves. On that same day, a prestigious surf contest is called at Waimea Bay forcing surfers to make a difficult decision, surf the waves of a life-time or wait for the once in a life-time invite to the Eddie Aikau surf contest on Oahu. The film also includes a trip to Chile with surfers immersing themselves in the culture and customs as they seek some of the best waves Chile has to offer. Featuring footage of the annual contest at Mavericks, season highlights and Nor-Cal's newest big-wave break, the ominously named 'Ghost Tree' where surfers find themselves in an arena where every wave is a near-death experience. Included in this mind-blowing documentary is stunning time-lapse photography and the latest cutting-edge graphics by Chris Wilson of Wilson Productions.

Music by: Adam Freeland, Red Whyte, Butterfly Effect, Decoder Ring, Paul Kearney, Katalyst, Pre-Shrunk, Clotaire, Inked Factor, Nora Drenalin, Volatile, Not For You, Switchkicker, Strength in Numbers, Erther and Live, Love, Regret.

Starring: Peter Mel, Carlos Burle, Rodrigo Resende, Danilo Cuoto, Noah Johnson, RCJ, Flea, Josh Loya, Matt Ambrose, Shawn Rhodes, Anthony Tashnick, Ryan Augustine, Zac Wormhoudt, Don Curry, Garrett McNamara, Ikaika and the Smith Bros. Tyler & Russel.

By: Eric W. Nelson & Curt Myers.

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by Pistola Pete

babes and dudes check this out. 
the opening montage of this film is as sick as the ferrari/porsche race through traffic down sunset blvd in 'against all odds.' no wait, the opening of 'down the line' is way sicker. 

first, this film takes us to peru where these dudes catch the glassiest, biggest, slab of a left, and come out all goofy. it's kinda magical. there is enough stoke being channeled to split my brain, or an atom, whichever is smaller.

there is this great footage of what you would look like if you were caught on camera being held down by 2 waves while your board tombstones. skindog gives you some great insight on his view of the "set from tibet". there's the eddie, waiamea, and what flea knows about doing a bradshaw like freefall, only different.

meanwhile back at peahi, then mavericks, then ghost tree, green water, then blue hawaiian tow style in some big warm deadly waves. everywhere you look the size remains the same, huge. 

this film is an awesome collection of great waves and great wipeouts. it offers viewers more than the usual suspects in a logo free, high stoke factor film. this must see dvd can be enjoyed over and over after school, on rainy flat days, before you travel, or before you play hockey. 'down the line' is a must see and ranks amongst my favorites.


























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