Blue Crush (2002) Viewer rating, out of 5 bars of wax

They're three friends with one passion: fulfilling their dream of living the ultimate adventure amid the island paradise of Hawaii's fabled North Shore! Hailed as an exhilarating "fun ride" by People Magazine, Blue Crush is an adrenaline-powered story of heartfelt friendship and non-stop action that The Washington Post raves is "a big, sexy, sun-splashed thrill."

Starring: Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Sanoa Lake, Matthew Davis, Mika Boorem.
Directed by: John Stockwell
Rated PG-13

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by Con
As a total wannabe surfer (sure I surf...via my DVD player) I fully enjoyed this movie. Although some of the powerful, spiritual, and beautiful scenes might lose their intended jaw-dropping effects on a small screen, this movie is also a fun and inspiring story. The ladies have such close and fun interaction with each other that's clearly enjoyed on the screen by both the actresses and the viewer. Liked the touch of having real pro surfer chicks acting small parts in the film as well. The DVD has fun bonus material that's worth the price. Hopefully there will be a Blue Crush II, or maybe even perhaps a whole new story and group of girls showing us wannabes what we're missing *cry*.


by Heather
Welcome to the modern age of technology & surf films. The story of Blue Crush is fairly realistic and involving.  The visuals and variety of camera angles & mounts are incredibly impressive.  It is a film made by surfers for surfers (while still trying to appeal to every other sappy-hearted American).  But don't hold that against it.  You've got to throw a little "Hollywood formula" in to get a 30 million dollar picture like this made.  If you let yourself get into the story, you'll find yourself oh-ing and awe-ing & jumping, yelping, cheering, etc.  A great run.  Shows the true danger and seriousness of Pipeline.  It's "North Shore" for the 21st century.
























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