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It's been two years in the making but Tim Bonython's Teahupoo documentary has finally arrived. Blackwater is the story of Teahupoo, a humble Tahitian village and a coral reef wave made from equal parts beauty and terror. The wave is undoubtedly one of surfing's most challenging and awe-inspiring waves, as Chris Malloy comments "That wave has changed surfing forever."

Music by: Adam Freeland, Red Whyte, Butterfly Effect, Decoder Ring, Paul Kearney, Katalyst, Pre-Shrunk, Clotaire, Inked Factor, Nora Drenalin, Volatile, Not For You, Switchkicker, Strength in Numbers, Erther and Live, Love, Regret.

Starring: Vetea David, Manoa Drollet, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Mark Occhilupo, Bruce and Andy Irons, Layne Beachley.

By: Tim Bonython

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by Pistola Pete

produced and directed by tim bonython, this quality piece of film work is a must view for anyone who calls themselves a surfer, or for anyone who admires the power of the sea and is attracted to its fury and beauty.

this film starts out with a killer insiders view of a big overhead barrel. i was hooked after that. then you see vintage dora, gerry, rabbit b., dorian @ backdoor, another sick slater barrel, and then after your heart is racing you see the opening title.

this film is full of knowledgeable experts speaking about waves. vetea david aka 'poto' tells us a little about the wave at teahupo'o, and if you can't respect the laird of tahiti then who can you respect i ask you?

it took 2 years to put this film together and the quality of footage is awesome. the shots are just ridiculous, beauty shot, barrel, more expert opinions, slater barrel, some history, etc. this film starts out great and stays that way.

the consequences section is sooooo sick....

the competition section is heavy....

surviving this film is winning. understanding why surfers love tahiti, its people, and teahupo'o is one reason to view this movie. to get a twelver of hinano and put BLACKWATER on is a great way to get informed about how awesome this wave at the end of the road is.


























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