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Chasing the Lotus is a cinematic journey inspired by many of the reels that were lost in the making of these films. Since that time, these reels have resurfaced and are now brought to light. A fusion of rare super 8mm film, photo stills and contemporary interviews blend together to make Chasing the Lotus the most in-depth look at surfing discovery ever made.

Featuring Gerry Lopez, Sunny Garcia, Rob Machado,
Rory Russell, Peter King, Buttons, Chris Brown,
Donavon Frankenreiter, Craig Peterson, Kevin Naughton Stacy Peralta, Mark Occhilupo, Buddy Boy, Allen Sarlo, Ronnie Burns, Rick Griffin, Herbie Fletcher, Joey Cabell, Corky Carroll, Munga Barry, Wingnut, Joel Tudor, Steve Pezman and Randy Rarick.

A film by: Gregory Schell and Chris Bell.

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by Pistola Pete Pearce

Once upon a time there were 2 guys named Spyder and Greg. These guys were early California surfers with dreams. They captured the scene with their cameras. There are so many sweet scenes captured by these 2 guys that they became legendary.

These guys were raging the place and captured vintage San Pedro peelers, Corkey Carroll in '67, uncle David N. '74, the infamous Laguna Beach Festival of '71, Venice Beach Zephyr Team, Peralta, Bertleman, '70's North Shore, etc. The killer old school footage just keeps rolling.

Dick Brewer remembers Buddy Boy. The story of the decision to protect locals and still carry a story about the waves of Maritius by creating Santosha is purely an idea of the '70's. It worked and it worked well. Surfers were stoked by this island paradise and adventure surf traveling was born. Endless Summer may have come out first, but the airlines owe Santosha credit for helping lift international surf travel sales too.

Cinematically we travel to Uluwatu with Rory Russell and Gerry Lopez in 1975 and discover awesome surf. Words like perfect, bitchen and dream wave come up. Yet another killer segment supported by awesome footage of Spyder and Weaver.

In 1980 the cameras take us to a place in Costa Rica called Pavones. We learn how the Rio Clare cantina and the boys settled the area. There is footage of Buttons having fun doing backside 360's. Then he does some laybacks in the warm fun water. Then Buttons puts it all together and does a backside 360 into a layback. You see why people were talking about Buttons and his surfing. It's "a little slice of heaven".

Then one of the coolest pieces of film narative I have seen is the Sunny Garcia piece about Hawaii and the Point. Sunny and Greg speak about this wave and it's just so killer. If you didn't like Sunny before here's a reason too. See it, believe it. Get to know him better.

Then director Greg Schell takes us to Jeffreys Bay in '82 and we view another awesome vintage segment about another amazing place. RIP Ronnie Burns- Aloha.

Our next stop is Mexico and we find out why Greg Weaver said that  "Mexico has it's own attitude." 

This film is worth watching over and over. If you own a business, buy a VCR and play this movie in your shop again and again.  'Chasing the Lotus' is chasing the elusive bit of perfection that's out there. It taps into life and the eternal freedom of chasing your dreams forever. This film leaves you stoked on our surfing forefathers and the sport of kings. Not just one or 2 forefathers but surfings greatest names. You must see this film if you ever thought of learning to surf or even enjoyed a peaceful sunset at the beach. 

Confucious would say 'don't be a fool, watch 'Chasing the Lotus' and be enlightened.
































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