Ralph Sanford

From left to right: Ralph's buddy, wife Diane, Ralph Sanford, and Ralph's quiver.

Probed- interview by P3
subject: Ralph Sanford - Tahiti

1.  girlfriend, married or gay?   married w/ good kids
2.  mates/ favorite surfers? old school - nat young    new school- bonga perkins
3.  skate board / snow board? not too much skating but i snowboarded big bear winter 04/05
4.  if you could hyper space anywhere right now, where would you go? i'd stay in tahiti.
5.  best waves? tahitian in general
6.  favorite spot? north shore hawaii
7.  influences?  my wife diane is my good influence
8.  sponsors? air tahiti nui
9.  where have you surfed? hawaii, france, brazil, japan, puerto rico, portugal, fiji, new zealand, australia, california, various south pacific spots
10. favorite/ least favorite foods?  hate spinach / love passion crue, sashimi
11. person you'd most like to meet? duke kahanamoku
12. ever been on a cover? yes, french surf session mag, tahitian newspaper
13. life quote- "life is short so practice peace and love and spread positive vibrations."

Ralph began surfing when he was a small boy and shared 1 surfboard with 3 other siblings. He would have to wait while his brother caught waves. Since then his quiver has grown and he has won various short/ long board titles. He mostly long boards, and has tried towing in. He can tell stories of surfing in tahiti, when he was driving to beach being the big kid and Poto was the grommet. Ralph still competes on special occasions in the long board master division. Ralph is respected enough that his picture is on the wall in the cafe on the north shore. Ralph is the "duke of tahiti" and can be contacted at his website (www.taaroalodge.com)

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