Raiano Laughlin

Raiano Laughlin at Teachupoo.

Probed- interview by P3
subject: Raiano Laughlin, Interview 3/22/06, Santa Monica, CA

1. favorite surfers- taj burrow, andy irons, vetea david
2. mates that surf-
hira teriinatoofa, malik joyeux (rip)
3. skate/snow board? 
carve board, snowboarding in big bear
4. if you could hyperspace anywhere right now, where'd ya go? 
fitii Barrel 8-10 foot south rolling through, no wind about 5:45am alone with the beach to myself. The ocean and Raiano.
5. favorite place to surf? 
paparaa beach break, fitii
6. best wave?
7. home break?
8. influences or drives? 
AI, hira terriinatoofa, bonga perkins, manoa drollet, i could go on. i like the new school style. launching airs is cool fun. for old school 'poto'.
9. sponsors? 
some gear from invade.com, currently i am open to offers.
10.where have your surf travels taken you?
 hawaii, topanga, tahitian islands, australia, 3 week boat trip in tahiti rocked
11. favorite food?
 i like chinese and tahitian food. sometimes i might not like vegatables though.
12. best discovery on the road? 
perfect haliweia dec 05 and topanga dec 22-23, 2005
12. person you'd like to meet? 
angelina jolie and jennifer aniston, but i have a girlfriend
13. ever been on the cover of a mag? 
surf mag cover no , but once i was on the cover of a jet ski mag.
14. any life quotes? 
i heard bonga say  " appreciate life like every day is your last. " i like that saying. live life full.
15. favorite fish?
one of my favorite fish is the shark or mao. it moves so sleek and that shape in the water is just scary. i like orca whales too. like free willy. killer whales are radical. i prefer dolphins. i like watching them in the water.

Raiano Laughlin was born in Tahiti and has had the opportunity to learn about the ocean in an amazing place. long paddles, strong currents, shallow reefs, and great mentors have helped shaped this kid into something incredible. Raiano says Taj Burrow will be world champ someday because of his new approach to surfing and loves to see the reverse airs to keep his adrenaline stoked up. He has tried tow in surfing, been barrelled at teachupoo and knows where 'poto' lives. He also had the special priveledge of surfing with Malik Joyeux and calling him  a friend.

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