Nathan Myers


Probed- interview by P3
subject: Nathan Myers, Managing Editor of Surfer Magazine. E-mail interview, 5/17/06.

nathan myers is the managing editor for SURFING MAGAZINE and surfs with guys like evan slater and the fine folks from the Surfing Mag crew. he has helped bring you the finest photos and articulate reading material in the industry in the form of Surfing Magazine.

1. girlfriend, married, metro?  married last month (april '06); woohoo.
2. who are your mates/ fellow surf bros? lone wolf (or surf mag bros: e-slater, steve sherman, matt warshaw, matt walker, marcus sanders, jamie brisick...fellow wordmonkeys.)
3. skate/ snowboard? skate, some. can't afford to board. shoots.
4. ever a punker? like punk music. never wore a mohawk for more a day, though.   
5. if you could hyper-space any where, where'd ya go? back to the womb.
6. best waves? north shore (no pipe, though).
7. favorite spot? rocky rights, hi. 
8. influences? hunter thompson. neal cassady. matt warshaw. chuck palahnuik. "the dark tower". j.r.r. tolkien. homer simpson. bad religion. ken kesey. ajax mcgregor. shrooms. spandex. blank paper. broken records. silly puddy. cheap wine. fine wine. long walks on the beach. candlelit dinners. the kraken. the kitty goat. donkey shine. green flash sunsets. uncomfortable silences. good friends at 3 a.m.
9. sponsored? depends adult diapers. two buck chuck. bro-down monkey poo.
10. where have your surf travels taken you? oz. indo. galapagos. mex. baja. france. portugal. spain. thailand. cambodia. ecuador. new guinea. hawaii. right back here, again.
11. favorite food? martini on friday
12. least favorite food? martini on monday
13. best road discovery? the iPod
14. person you'd most like to meet? chuck palahnuik. my inner child. jim morrison. neal cassady. 
15. ever been on the cover of a mag? i sat down on a pile of them once.
16. personal life quote motto is- "forgive everyone everything"
17. last words- "this is the best thing that ever happened to me...i just don't know it yet."
18. birthplace, grew up where, background info... san francisco. norcal/socal. u.c. berkeley. santa cruz. ocean beach, sf. ghost wrote for "Encyclopedia of Surfing". Three volume of short stories: "Broken Fables I, II, III" Malibu. Encinitas. "Surfing's Greatest Misadventures". Killed a man outside Black Rock, Arkansas. On the run. Surfing Magazine. Beat up guitar. Broken down van. Half finish manuscripts. Big dreams. Small hands. No watch.


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