Mikala Jones


Interview by Pistola Pete

Who are you & where were you born? Mikala Jones, born in Kailua HI.
Lover or fighter? nice guy.
Skate or snowboard? snow boarding easier
If you could hyperspace anywhere in the world where'd you go? somewhere firing
Best wave in the world? pipe / backdoor
Best wave you rode? pipe / backdoor
Home break? Rocky Point
Influences or favorite surfers? Tom Curren.
Good surf story to tell? yep, but not enough room here.
Have any sponsors? about 10
Traveled to where? yeah all over the planet... all the time.
Best road discovery? driving down a bumpy dirt road then it turned back to pavement.
How do you feel about cold water? wear a Matuse suit & dont worry.
Fav. food? mexican, japanesse
Fav. beer? Corona
Fav. music? Bob Marley, Sublime, Jr. Gong
Are you reading? yeah, all these q & a's
Do you have a favorite artist? Nick wellz.
How do others label you? modern day hippy. not old school hippy at all
Fav. fish in the ocean? shasimi
Do you recycle? yep
Person you'd like to meet or have met? Bob Marley
Ever been on a cover? i wish
Life quote, inspirational message or parting words? dont worry, just do it, all the time...

At 5'8" 170 lbs wet Mikala Jones may, pound for pound, be one of the surf sports heavyweights. His style is smooth. He's real mellow, so he can probably beat the crap out of you. He's a ripping surfer which must be pretty obvious as Mikala currently sports about 10 sponsors with some of the biggest names in the action sports industry, like Split, Dragon, Osiris, Town & Country, Matuse and Future Fins to name a few. You can see proof of his skills in many films like 'Under the Radar' and 'Shades of Bali'. Do yourself a favor
and see why this guy is so awesome. Learn from this Kahuna and be all that you can be.

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