Makamae Desoto


Probed- interview by P3
interview with Hawaiian longboard local Makamae Desoto 10/17/06

Born- I sprouted like a grunion from the sands of Makaha Beach.
Surf Buddies- Nalu, Raiano, Duane, Mana, Thomas, Wendell, Matt, Keenan
Skate or Snowboard?- ya i skate. i snowboarded once.
If you could hyperspace anywhere on earth, where'd you go?-
into a perfect 20 foot Teahupoo pit with perfect conditions.
Best waves surfed- Indo
Favorite Wave- Makaha
Influences- big brother Duane Desoto, Kelly Slater
Sponsors- Da Hui, Surftech
Traveled to- Costa Rica, Puerto Escondido, Indo, Tahtiti. In Costa Rica we threw
some roadkill over a bridge to the gators below. That was gnarly.
How do you feel about cold water?- it's ok . . . no i hate it. I did surf the ranch
though and caught some windy off shore kinds clean barrels. that was fun.
Favorite Food- my mom's fried chicken, sushi, sashimi, chocolate
Least Favorite Food- tofu
Person You'd Like To Meet?- Bob Marley
Ever Been on the Cover of a Mag?- no
Wanna be?- ya
Parting quote- "try hard as life goes on, aloha."

Makamae is one of the new names emerging from hawaii. Look for him as he
continues to compete and climb the ladder to success as a future longboard champ.

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