Jimmy V.


Jimmy V. - interview 1.19.08
Venician Surf Shop, Venice

Jimmy where were you born? Santa Monica Hospital

and you're from where? Venice

skate or snowboard? both

surf buddies or mates? Matt Veltry, 'bagel', Foster, colin Mcqueen, Brock

if you could hyperspace anywhere where'd you go? probably Fiji, i hear the people
and waves are unreal.

best wave in the world? Padang Padang is such a sick left.

best wave you rode? Venice jetty early 80's

home break? Venice Breakwater

influences or favorite surfers? Jay Adams & Alan Sarlo were my early influences in the water.
Mick Fanning, Dane Reynolds, 'ratboy' Collins, Rob Machado.

sponsors? Venician Surf Shop/ Venice 'tHE sHOW' Venice Originals Z-Boys
Skater Made skateboards Napapa surfboards John Lalaine surfboards-LALA

traveled to where? Hawaii , Mexico

best road discovery? sick left hand side break - Kauai

love cold water? don't mind

fav. food? Mexican

least fav. food? liver

fav. beer? Tecate

fav. music? reggae & punk rock but i like almost all music

are you reading? yes, currently 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra

do you have a favorite artist? Tom Everhart

fav. fish in the ocean? all of them and ahi tuna is sooo tasty

person you'd like to meet or have met? Frank Sinatra

ever been on a cover? no but the cover of the local newspaper a few times yes.

life quote or parting words? Think Positve. Life's too short for pettiness. YES I.

Jimmy Valentine was raised on the venice canals into a hotbed of surf and skate culture, and integrated
with the gritty hard core scene of punk rock. That's when he picked up the microphone and started jamming with bands such as Therapy, The Wretched, Left Hand Side and he still can't put the microphone down. You can track upcoming shows on the Venicain Surf Shop's myspace page(veniciansurfshop). Jim is working with the VSA on the upcoming Venice Skatepark and would like to organize a regularly scheduled local beach clean up.

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