Bonga Perkins


Probed- interview by P3
subject: Bonga Perkins, Phone interview 3/22/06.

1.  where were you born? kapahulu, hawaii
2.  who are your mates/ surf buddies?   Kanoa Dahlin
3.  do you skate or snowboard?  skated sometimes as a kid, but more into snowboarding
4.  if you could hyper space anywhere in the world, right now, this very second, where would you go? back in time 30 years. i would stay in hawaiiand go back 30 years, i think that would be interesting.
5.  best waves? my homebreak, haliewa, pipe and indo
6.  favorite spot? pipe
7.  influences? you know what, my influences are the negative folks out there. the nay sayers. thereis motivation in trying to show them that things they think cannot be done, can be.
8.  are you sponsored? local motion, converse, destination, oakley, quiksilver, steinlager beer
9.  besides hawaii where have your surf travels taken you? indonesia, australia, some islands, japan
10. favorite food? japanese, hawaiian
11. least favorite food? probably tomatos  
12. best road discovery? there was this surf spot in japan we surfed like 9 years ago. there was no one thereand it was good. now the place is popluar and crowded. also i like going to australia. it seems like everyhot trick i think i'm gonna go rip, i arrive in australia and the kids there are already pulling them. they are doingbig things down under.
13. person you'd like to meet?  hugh heffner
14. ever been on the cover of a mag?  yes a few actually. in europe, japan, surfer mag, and in australia too
15. any last words or life quotes you want to add? i'd just like to say stay motivated in life. try to prove the doubters and the haters wrong. show them it can be done, if you're motivated.

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