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Name- Steve H.

Stance- Regular

Board- 9'6" Bruce Jones Modern Long Board (epoxy), 9'6" Doyle Sponge board

What got you started surfing- I've been a certified scuba diver for 24 years, an open ocean swimmer for 10 years and underwater hockey player for 6 years.  I promised myself I'd learn to surf before I turned 40. At age 39, I had the opportunity and learned off Ocean Park with Mary Setterholm & Bobby Wardlow of Surf Academy. 

What keeps you surfing- The stoke.  There's nothing more satisfying than running down the line with a nice long right!!!  I skip the traffic by getting up early to do dawn patrol.

Most memorable surf- A REALLY big day at Sunset in January 2004.  Pulling up to the spot at 7am we had surf double overhead with the dolphin's leaping out of faces.  I caught one wave where I was in the barrel standing and the ride was silent.

Dream surf trip, whether you've already taken it, or dream of going- Maui, Costa Rica…warn water with nothing else to do but surf.

Favorite break- Sunset for the slow long line (& when uncrowded), Bolsa Chica (marker 20) for the vibe and larger faster break.   Ocean Park (tower 26) also for the vibe, C-Street, San Eljio S.B.

How has surfing changed you- It has made me a less dependable employee; but one who's more relaxed and effective.  I LOVE to pass on the joy of surfing!

What do you do when there are no waves- Whine!  Ocean swim, run, work, whine some more….

What are you trying to do or learn to raise your level of surfing- Try to get out as much as possible; daily when possible.  Practice, practice, practice….

Favorite surfers- Sunset Crew: Ken, Carolyn, Joe, Sean, Pete, Heike, Darr, Janet …. OP Crew: John, Mary, Bobby, Julio, Mel, Morrisa, Jennifer, Patty, Steve B., Liza, Sofi-Marie… Bolsa Crew: Bruce, John, Hollywood, Dom…., Dolphins, Sea Lions….

Surfing pet peeve- Agrow sufers, those who drop in without acknowledging what's going on, bitchy, uptight, negative people.

Ideal surf conditions- dawn patrol, glassy with shoulder high to head high, great shape with  6 or so friends encouraging each other into the sets.  Marine life encounters.

Anything to add- Carolyn thank you for this site and the positive vibe you and the crew project at Sunset.   Thanks to Ken for making me welcome in the line up when I was more of a Barney.   A good DVD to have along with traveling is "Step Into Liquid".  It always makes me feel happy when I'm land locked in the middle of no where!!!