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Name- Steve Horne (flyboy)

Stance- Regular

Board- 6'8" Thruster, 6'1" Lakefish

What got you started surfing- The positive vibe and the great lifelong friends you make who also surf. What keeps you surfing- The friends and the enjoyment of riding one of natures most graceful creations.

Most memorable surf- Surfing Ursula's in 39 degree water for the first time. Getting washed into the pilings near the beach, holding onto them and getting trashed by 4 waves in a row before i could get clear of them. Man what a hoot!

Dream surf trip, whether you've already taken it, or dream of going- I'm heading to the Marshall Islands for a year and will be surfing my brains out. I'll be in heaven.

Favorite break- The middle sand bars of Ursula's on a good Northwest. Or Weco on a good west.

How has surfing changed you- Surfing has given me a more laid back carefree kind of person. It has given me a reason to have a positive look at life. If things go bad, just go ride a bit and you'll be fine.

What do you do when there are no waves- Dream of waves, Fly, Ride my carveboard,

What are you trying to do or learn to raise your level of surfing- I'm moving to a place where surf is epic year round and 50 yards from a sweet point break. That should raise my level a bit.

Favorite surfers- Trent Bell (fellow lakesurfer), Robert August (gotta love the ole' guy) Gerry Lopez, Laird Hamilton (dudes got guts) and all those aerialists.

Surfing pet peeve- Negative Localism. It's cool when you have a crew that chills at a spot all the time but when they start harrasing people because they aren't locals that's pathetic. Lakesurfers love having others join them in the lineup. It's all about having fun. Forget this keying peoples cars and fights on the beach. Surfing is positive and make people feel welcome into your crew.

Ideal surf conditions- Lake: Weco Beach on a good west, offshore winds holding the tubes open right along the sand bar. Ocean: Well I've only surfed the ocean once and it wasn't all that epic. Still fun but my best waves have been Lake Michigan.

Anything to add- There is surf on the Great Lakes. You'd be suprised to find a thriving surf community that is rapidly growing. Shapers, glassers, shops selling boards, even a bunch of contests each year. Now the water may be a bit cold sometimes and it is true that our best sessions usually come in the dead of winter in 30 degree water, but hey, how bad do you want to surf? It's called commitment to the sport. It's all about the fun times with friends and empty waves all to your selves. Think about it this way, after you're done, a hot cup of coffee sounds really good. Go warm up a bit and chill with friends. Then head out again cause there's no use letting waves go to waste.