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Name- Stacey Finch

Stance- Regular

Board- 7'8" Stewart funboard, 6'8" Ocean Pulse (Oregon shaped) semi gun, 5'5" San Clemente Fish

What got you started surfing- I used to vacation in Newport Beach (28th street) from inland La Canada( near Pasadena Rose Bowl) and learned to stand on a "boogie board" when I was 10, (in 1981). My dad bought me my first "garage sale board" Sunset 7"0 single fin. I taught myself because no one in my family surfs.  I started on my own and a guy noticed I was falling a lot and laughed when he noticed that my surfboard had no wax on it!!!  Coming from a body board start, I did not know that I needed "wax", he said "try this kid" and after 23 years of still living the stoke, I never forget to bring and share the wax.

What keeps you surfing- Living in Lake Havasu City, ARIZONA-- I rely on magazines and monthly much needed trips to the ocean to fill the life line of surfing that is needed to fuel my soul.

Most memorable surf- November 1999 surfing three days after Thanksgiving in Ventura near a break by the old "Oil Piers".  For some strange moment I was alone and enjoyed 3 to 4 foot right hand surf to myself for exactly one hour before I had to drive back to the dry desert. Thank you for that memory. 

Dream surf trip, whether you've already taken it, or dream of going- Anywhere in Baja or mainland Mex.  Most of all, New Zealand!!! 

Favorite break- Sunset(Gladstones), Topanga, Staircases, Leo(Secos),  COUNTY LINE!!!Always and forever. C-Street and Oregon spots. 

How has surfing changed you- Living in California I always knew surfing and the ocean would be there for me---  I now live in Arizona(for personal reasons) and surfing means that much more because I need to be surfing for the pure fulfillment of surfing instead of taking for granted that the ocean used to provide its convenience when I lived much closer.  Surfing 300 plus miles away means that I appreciate the surfer and the art of surfing in a deeper way that I thought I would never imagine. 

What do you do when there are no waves- I wake board and watch a lot of videos!!! 

What are you trying to do or learn to raise your level of surfing- Surf as much as I can and learn from those who continue to excel in their craft.

Favorite surfers- Rob Machado, Joel Tudor, Kassia Meador and anyone who simply---has FUN!!! 

Surfing pet peeve- anyone who does not smile or hoot for the pure joy of it. 

Ideal surf conditions- 3 to 5 right hand point, reef breaks---oh who am I kidding?? any wave will do where I'm from!!! 

Anything to add- never take for granted the crowded, small, mushy, wind blown Santa Ana fire infested epic surf, stop and go freeway congested traffic so you can make the after work glass off,but most of all ---you surf--enjoy any conditions that flows your way!!!