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Name- Heather

Stance- regular footed

Board- 9'6" noserider, extra thick

What got you started surfing- Always thought surfing was a cool sport in theory while growing up inland in a no-surf area. Tried it for the first time at the age of 22 after moving out to the west coast and immediately became addicted.

What keeps you surfing- The constant challenge of trying to improve, learn new tricks, successfully ride different board types, and catch bigger waves. There is always something more to learn and accomplish with this sport. Plus it is so rewarding - a good wave is instant gratification.

Most memorable surf- One morning at Malibu with only a few folks out and the waves were just holding our boards up like magic. Everyone was getting effortless noserides....or did I dream that?

Dream surf trip, whether you've already taken it, or dream of going- I dream about Hawaii and maybe living there someday. I also dream about finding some place like in Mexico where there's only one or two people out (because surfing alone can feela bit creepy) and the waves are peeling in perfect sets; a right point break that's glassy 3-4 foot.

Favorite break- Sunset, Malibu, C-street

How has surfing changed you- Surfing has given me somthing to look forward to and dream about at night and it gets my butt off the couch almost every day.

What do you do when there are no waves- I get depressed. sometimes I do home improvement projects or write music as a creative outlet.

What are you trying to do or learn to raise your level of surfing- Go out surfing as much as possible, try a variety of boards & breaks, learn about board design, read books about surf history.

Favorite surfers- Ones who treat fellow surfers with respect no matter how good of a surfer they are. I once saw a semi-pro who had really impressive surfing skills, but really rude etticate. I now don't think of that individual as a good surfer because they lacked one important quality: good sportsmanship.

Surfing pet peeve- People who drop in on you after you've made it a point to NOT drop in on them. That's down right disrespectful. Remember the golden rule.

Ideal surf conditions- Glassy, sunshine, no wind, 2-5 feet, slow rolling lines, right point break, a few friendly people out who are all stoked to have found these great conditions!

Anything to add- Surfing as a sport or a lifestyle is a real treasure that I feel so fortunate to have discovered in my life.