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Name- da rider

Stance- regular

Board- custom ten o with a square tail for reef breaks and custom nine ten pin tail for point breaks

What got you started surfing- it was the 60's, everyone was learning how

What keeps you surfing- it gives me life, every wave makes me love it more

Most memorable surf- this one time the clouds turned dark it started to rain, the wind picked up and  the conditions turned to real chop, than a few minutes later the rain stopped and the dark clouds cleared and there we were with perfect glassy conditions, head high waves, warm sunshine and nobody out but us soul surfers

Dream surf trip, whether you've already taken it, or dream of going- there's so many surf trips i take all year it's all good

Favorite break- any where from san diego to the bu

How has surfing changed you- it keeps me young

What do you do when there are no waves- there's always plenty things to do around the house that have been put off because of surfing

What are you trying to do or learn to raise your level of surfing- learn more about what makes waves and the beaches they come to

Favorite surfers- those who respect the beach and there fellow surfers

Surfing pet peeve- loud bad attitude assholes who bring it with them in da water.

Ideal surf conditions- when the wind, swell direction and tide are at the best for whatever beach you're at

Anything to add- surf many breaks and always have a aloha spirit with you in the water