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Name- Carolyn

Stance- Natural

Board- 9'0 Becker "Geoff Moysa,"

What got you started surfing- I've always loved the ocean, and boogie boarding got old. Surfing made sense.

What keeps you surfing- The endless search for that adrenaline rush and huge kool-aid grin you get after an amazing ride. Also, meeting nice, friendly people.

Most memorable surf- Ironically, 9/11/01 was memorable in more ways than one. I got a couple of the most amazing back to back overhead waves at Sunset that went on forever. It was a picture perfect day for conditions too. I still wonder if that was all a dream or a nightmare.

Dream surf trip, whether you've already taken it, or dream of going- Ah, Costa Rica, someday. Hopefully sooner than later.

Favorite break- Sunset, Malibu, Staircase, County Line.

How has surfing changed you- I'm more tanned. It's also taught be to take more chances. I feel more balanced.

What do you do when there are no waves- Whine, watch surf videos, workout, work on this site, shoot photos, and watch more surf videos.

What are you trying to do or learn to raise your level of surfing- I'd like learn more moves, like a floater, cut-back, nose-ride, 360, lay-back, switch stance, going leashless...but for now I'm just working on trying not to get killed by the self-entitled locals.

Favorite surfers- Jay Moriarty(RIP), Megan Abubo, Wingnut, Joel Tudor, Kassia Meador, Rochelle Ballard, Serena Brooke and Nick, Ken, Janet and Heike for letting me drop in on them. ;-)

Surfing pet peeve- People who drop in too close and don't kick out. I'm all for sharing, but not at the risk of head, and board dings. And angry surfers who believe a pecking order should be taken seriously.

Ideal surf conditions- Consistent 4-6 ft, glassy warm water, little to no wind, partially sunny, with just me and my buddies.

Anything to add- If there's something in life you've always wanted to do, find a way. No regrets.