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Name-  Jim aka Sunset Jim (thanks to Tupper).

Stance- Regular.

Board- 9' 2" Harbour Simms.

What got you started surfing- It was the thing to do in the early '60s.

What keeps you surfing- Good times with good people.

Most memorable surf- Either an amazing early fall 6-8' day in '69 at Sunset (seriously) where I had it all to myself or a 12' day at Malibu that started out as a 4-6' day that same summer.

Dream surf trip, whether you've already taken it, or dream of going- Any place where the sun and water are warm, clean beach, and good waves.

Favorite break- Sunset or 26th.

How has surfing changed you- It's given me more friends than I would have without it.

What do you do when there are no waves- Sleep in and eat a real breakfast.

What are you trying to do or learn to raise your level of surfing- Not get any older.

Favorite surfers- Anyone with the right attitude in the water.

Surfing pet peeve- Anyone without the right attitude.